Tuesday, 16 December 2008

An after-Party Pudding.

We made a new kind of cake today. From a recipe I found in the Independent, we made dense chocolate and beetroot cake. Its ingredients were grated beetroot (obviously), cocoa powder, strong black coffee, greek yogurt, and (because you need telling) your standard cake things, sugar eggs flour. And baking soda and baking powder. Whizzed in a blender and cooked for fifty minutes. It looked lovely, and as beetroot does have a bit of a sweet taste about it I was expecting the flavours would go together nicely (and the Independent told me so!)

The thing is though… it tasted exactly like chocolate cake with beetroot in it. That sounds obvious, you say. But that's the only way to describe it, I say. The two flavours together weren’t exactly bad, but they remained completely separate. There was chocolate cake and there was the taste of beetroot. This could be because we didn’t have a set of scales to hand and had to guess all the measures, maybe the flavours would somehow sort themselves out better with a smaller beetroot to everything else ratio.

You live and learn, I suppose. And now I can say I’ve made beetroot cake.

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