Saturday, 16 January 2010

bullet points.

some things that happened during the time i abandoned this blog for a while:

  • i finished at university
  • i started doing another degree at a different one
  • i had a birthday (just. yesterday) - no noir party this time.
  • i joined twitter, so when i thought of a pun i would post it there instead. this meant it was over and done with quicker. so a kinder method i think. (although that doesn't explain why i still post jokes on facebook i guess)
  • i hatched chickens. the bestest and tamest one is called Twitter. (it's a good name for a chicken)
  • i did this: which i still need to edit.
  • that's all i can think of right now. more things have happened, obviously. meals etc.
  • i've also discovered (through twitter via the internet) Friday Flash, which is an idea i really like, so i thought i might have a go at it. it would be a good way to keep creative writing-ness going on while i'm putting off doing NaNo revision and (last and least) all my school stuff. so that might happen.

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